Successful Ad

What Makes a Successful Ad?

Definitely, Not What You Think…

We’ve all been there.

We’ve seen it several times, but might not have seen it all. It glares through the edges of good advertising, and once you feel it, you know it.

And just before you begin to think the abstract, we’d like to take you through this one, on the aegis of the ordinary, the regular activities – what really works, and how.

Currently, humans buy twice as much as they did 50 years ago.

What does that tell you?

More opportunities, isn’t it?

So, it’s not about you, it’s the way it is.

Think of it, when last did you buy something?

Today? Yesterday? Last week? or Last Year?

Was it a decision off the blues or predetermined?

What made you buy?

We buy products that we’ve seen, heard, and recognized; whether by the product positioning in-store, availability when in need, referrals by friends or colleagues, endorsements by celebrities, or by just a share of luck (even though nothing truly happens by luck).

However that goes, the thing is, these are all forms of Ads, and whether you acknowledge or not, Ads work, and the aim is to keep products and services registered in the minds of the target audience for a period of time.

Now you see, Ads are always intentional and is the driving force behind every business growth.

If you take a closer look, every player is also a spectator. Today you’re either advertising your product or service by wearing a customized t-shirt, posting a picture of it on social media, inviting a prospect to check out your store, hawking it on the street with brand ambassadors, or you’re buying a commodity, recharge card to make a call, channel/cable subscriptions for entertainment & sports, paying for delivery, services and more.

It is cyclic – the buyer is the seller and vice versa; depending on the situation in view.

Now, thriving in life and business requires you earn more than you spend and sell more than you buy. That makes it imperative to sell like crazy if you really want to achieve exponential business growth.

To sell like crazy, there are critical elements that guarantee massive sales and an Ad that converts profitably is quite pivotal.

To run such a successful Ad, three essential elements are required.

Not the gimmicks every other marketer could have claimed, nor the formulas some acclaimed experts could have written in their books, taught in workshops & online training. This is an exclusive concept that optimizes the structure, pattern, style, format, presentation, offer & style you know and use already.

We have pulled through experiences to sieve these critically and present them in the simplest of terms for easy grasp.



“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” …Zora Neale Hurston

100% of all successful Ads spend 90% of their time and effort on researching. It is the most crucial and the most rewarding aspect of advertisement that are usually less visible.

This element is foundational for every successful Ad.

The height magnitude of the Ad’s success is proportional to the depth of the research done.

The purpose of an ad is to drive the target audience to action – to buy, to register, to download, to subscribe or to attend.

In other to get them to do what you want them to do, you must know what makes them tick and what doesn’t. You need to understand the type of help or benefit they are looking for. The discussion that’s already going on in their heads.

That will help you to know the feature of your product or service that gives the benefit that serves them best.



“Creativity is simply connecting new dots in new ways” …Sam Horn

Research is golden, research is crucial, research is essential, and research is rewarding. But if what you discover through research is poorly interpreted, nothing worthwhile can come out of it.

Creativity is a critical element that makes the difference when all other factors are constant.

Two shoe companies sent their best researchers into Africa a couple of decades ago, to figure out if there was a market for their products in the developing continent. According to legend, the researchers found out that people in Africa were not wearing shoes. On getting back to their respective companies, one researcher said there was no feasible market potential as no one wears shoes in Africa. The other said to his directors that there was a viable market potential in Africa as no one was yet wearing a shoe.

The same research, the same findings but different presentations.

Get your target audience through desired thought processes and profitable actions with creative message designs that persuade them to action.



“Never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving” … David Ogilvy

Most newbies make the mistakes of not testing an Ad because their editor, designer, boss, colleague, or mentor said it’s great.

No matter how fantastic an Ad is perceived, you need to test, to know not just if it is working or not, but what exactly is working.

You don’t expect to put all your eggs in one basket, running a blind Ads campaign without testing – it may be tantamount to waste of money.

Test! Test!! Test!!!

There is no shortcut to discovering a working Ad. The best hands in the industry test ridiculously. You need to learn to do the same. If the Ad is new, test to know how it will perform; if it performs well, test each element per time to see what performs better. Otherwise, test which element makes it convert profitably; and if nothing makes it convert, then it doesn’t work.

Testing eliminates the risk of spending a huge amount of money on an unsuccessful Ad campaign that can cause business loss. No matter what you do – the structure you use, the formula you adopt, or the format you select, never joke with testing – it’ll save you money, improve your Ad and better your craft. Did you get that? Simply put, why first spend a thousand dollars on that Ad campaign only to discover it had less conversion when you could have used a couple fifty dollars to test and tidy the loose ends before going major.

There you have it, three essential elements of a successful Ad. Work on your skills to get better at each element and you’ll never struggle to sell again.