Identifying a Promotion That Reinforces the Use of Your Brand

Like we all know (from the basics); Sales Promotion is needed to attract new customers, hold present customers, counteract competition, and take advantage of opportunities that are revealed by market research.

It is critical however, to understand that Sales Promotion may be made up of activities (both inside and outside), aimed at enhancing sales.

Advertising and other forms of Publicity, Public Relations Activities, and Special Sales Events are components of the outside sales promotion activities; while some basic on-premise activities such as window displays, product and promotional material displays, promotional programs (such as premium awards and contests), are forms of  Inside sales promotion activities.

The average client/consumer (from experience) tend to easily assume sales promotion activities to be some form of discount in price, in order to increase sales.

Customers’ price sensitivities are a critical parameter in planning a sales promotion activity, but not entirely exclusive.

In as much as discounts can impact the way consumers think and behave when buying, a well planned brand promotion strategy can affect the way consumers view a product, as well as affect their purchase decisions.

We lay great emphasis on proper/ strategic planning.

In planning a Sales Promotion Campaign, the main factors you will need to consider are:

Objectives: Why are you doing this? What do you want to achieve? Of what benefit?

Action: What exactly do you want to do? How will you benefit?

Eligibility criteria: Who is it aimed at? How do they qualify?

Timing: When do you propose to begin? When does it start and finish?

Ownership: Who will be responsible for seeing the promotional phase through to its end?

Support: What sort of back-up is required? Think in terms of advertising, administration, sales visits, stock-holding, cash flow, and so on.

Assessment: What data will you need to collect to measure the success of the promotion?

Then you’re good to go