Creating Contents That Make People Beg for More…

It’s no longer news that ‘content is king’

Not because a billionaire said it, or just because it seems right – it is the fundamental key to building a successful business/brand in the modern competitive environment.

Surprisingly, with billions of videos, images, & blog posts being uploaded daily on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, tok-tok, Snapchat, and the rest, ‘the content’ itself is not enough. There is something more.

More, in terms of what is truly needed.

Bet by now you know that uploading videos and images, all in the name of content, does not guarantee engagement.

Yes, videos get 60% more interaction than other forms of content, but not all videos.

I remember some years back, a trainee in one of our training sessions had disclosed how setting up a YouTube channel, was so torturous that her first three videos had no external views – every view recorded were the ones she watched herself.

Don’t be deceived. There is more to an effective content than just a random posting.

It needs to be strategic and intentional.

With the rate of content upload within the digital space right now, you’ll just have to agree with me, that there is ‘information overload’ – too much content than we truly need.

So, what kind of content make people or your audience beg for more, and how exactly should it be created?

Here are the 3 major insights that can help shoot your engagement to the sky and help monetize your efforts:

  1. Who are your audience?

If you’re ever going to build a following online or offline; to have influence over some people, you need to know who these people are. Being specific about your target audience will help you to focus your content on people that are most likely to relate and engage with it.

Barrack Obama’s audience are clearly different from Donald Trump’s, yet they are almost within similar niches, and both have massive influence on people.

The concept is – strive to be an expert in a niche that people in that category will not only see you as an authority but also trust you enough to do things you ask them to do. To achieve this, you have to understand them and know exactly what makes them tick.

There are three things you’ll need to consider when profiling your ideal audience:

Demographic factors (location, age, gender, education, religion etc.),

Psychographic factors (fear, belief, desire, value, lifestyle etc.),

Behavioural factors (spending habit, brand interaction, etc.).

These will help you a lot in planning or conceptualizing a befitting content.

  1. What are you offering them?

We already talked about ‘knowing your audience’ as it gives you a clear understanding of who they are, what they like, and the language they understand and can easily connect with.

Now, it is critical that you understand at this point, that content is edible (consumable). If you understand this, you’ll approach every content differently.

You don’t visit an eatery and walk away happily with an empty pack; there is something you expect in the pack, and that’s the meal – the real deal.

View your audience as consumers, to whom you are offering something, and that must be worth their while.

Remember, it is what the consumer or customer (audience) says it is.

“How to lose 10kg of weight in less than 60 days without visiting a gym or stop eating what you like” is a great content for an obese – someone looking for means of solving their excessive body fat. Whereas, the same content will be irrelevant to a slim person looking for means of adding extra kg in body weight.

So, your audience should be the driving force in the choice of your content, not YOU.

Value is key.

Take from the example above also, for instance, if the people that purchased or downloaded the content, later discovered that it was a bunch of crappy material without any trace of personal touch, the content automatically becomes irrelevant, despite being targeted to the right audience. There will be no repeat buying, engagement, or referrals.

  1. How do you present it?

What you say is important but not as important as how you say it.

The best-selling authors are not the best authors ‘per se’, but those who know how well to get their message across to their readers.

The same thing applies to the choice of products we use.

Most times they are not of the best quality or of the cheapest price but one way or the other we prefer them for some personal reasons. These reasons are overly emotional – they resonate with our feelings or ideologies better.

To get people into your circle or just an engaging crowd on your post, you need to know how to connect with them emotionally.

As human beings, we’re driven more by our feelings than logical reasoning.

Once you’ve learnt to get hold of that emotional cord with your message, people will troop in their hundreds and millions, to associate with your content.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Nightbirde did an audition on America Got Talents and got a golden buzzer, but the amazing thing is, within 3 days she got over 13million views, and now she is doing over 28million.

What’s so special about her audition? Was she the first to get a golden buzzer?

Definitely no!

However, she had a superb and extremely compelling story that every living human being could easily connect with.

The view wasn’t about her voice, yes, she’s got a very good voice. The majority of people that connected with her audition did so because of her story.

We all have stories, but how we tell it is what makes all the difference.

That being said, you make your content irresistible by connecting with your audience emotionally through a story or any other emotional triggers, in other to keep them get connected.

When you understand for whom, your content is most ideal, and you’re smart enough to ensure that there’s something in there for them, then you present it to them in the most appealing manner and the best acceptable form, you are already several miles ahead of your competition.

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