Creating Contents That Make People Beg for More…

It’s no longer news that ‘content is king’ Not because a billionaire said it, or just because it seems right – it is the fundamental

7 Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

2020 had its peculiar challenges; the global pandemic and its resultant effects on global economy. Most brands and businesses are currently struggling to steady the

The Power of Promotional Pricing

As a business owner, you already know the power of discounting products to increase demand. But which products do you give a discount on? by how


If you have ever typed the words below in any search engine: Brand activation, Digital marketing company, Marketing services, Direct mail marketing companies, Direct marketing,

Super Stars Promotions Taking the Lead in Programmatic Marketing/Advertising in Nigeria

You may or not have come across this term, but if you are already a digital media marketer or enthusiast, programmatic marketing should/sooner be starring

Mentioning your Competitor in a Sales Conversation

One of the questions most sales persons would readily ask at a sales training would surely include; if it’s proper to mention your competitors during a