Who We Are

Super Stars Promotions Limited (SSP) is a Marketing and Advertising Company operating to global standards; offering marketing solutions to businesses across different sectors including Health, Financial, Educational, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural, Food, Oil & Gas, Factories, Real Estate, and Individuals.

Super Stars Promotions has a complete strategic approach to Sales Promotion and Publicity management and our services are the entire practice of coordinating the sales activities of our clients.

We provide cost effective through-the-line Advertising and networking solutions ranging from:

Brand Promotion Campaigns,

Brand Activation,

Offline and Online Advertising,

Audio-visual Production,

Graphics and Web Designs,

Search Engine Optimization,

Digital Marketing,

Corporate Event Management,


Radio Jingles,

Television Contents,

Sales and Distribution,

Printing and Production of Flyers, Banners, Calendars and other promotional gift items,

Road Show Promotions,

Point-of-Sale Promotion services among others.


Our Competitive Edge.

The world is rapidly going digital, and forward-looking enterprises are at the forefront of this movement. The internet and digital space streamline and speed up the penetration of goods and services into desired markets. With our Computer-aided Promo Solutions which makes targeting more effective, smart companies are strategically positioning their brands in focus markets.

Super Stars Promotions has proven expertise in digital media marketing and brand promotion. We understand the urgency and the complexity of making the necessary transitions to accommodate innovations in line with business objectives.

Whether you already have an existing customer network in your market of interest and want to enhance and upgrade, or need to start from scratch; we have the expertise, the experience, the manpower, and the partners to deliver the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Our obligation is to listen to your needs, assess your existing plans, guide you in the right direction, and take you from planning through development, deployment and beyond.

At Super Stars Promotions, we provide a boost to sales during slow periods, help you understand your customers’ price sensitivities, make advertising or direct sales more effective, generate press coverage for your brands, feed existing customers’ needs and build loyalty.

…Sales Made Easy…